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Exploring Hmong Cusine | May 24, 2024


Hmong-Americans in Minnesota: Overview | Gale Family Library

History of the Hmong in Minneapolis–Saint Paul | Wikipedia

$2 Billion + Hmong Economy in Minnesota | Dr. Bruce Peter Corrie, March 3, 2022 

Where Minnesota Meets Hmong Cuisine Chef Yia Vang will deliver the keynote session during Art of Catering Food on March 27th | Amber Kispert , March 3, 2023

Hmong cuisine and culture are having a moment in the US. We spoke with the restaurateurs and farmers driving innovation | Noah Sheidlower. Jul 16, 2023

Hmong Union Kitchen, St Paul
l (Lake Street Menu)

Asia Mall (Eden Prairie/Minneapolis MN)

Hmongtown Marketplace


Cooking Traditional Hmong Food with Villagers (Undiscovered Tribal Cuisine) | Wheels to Wander | January 31,  2021

From Laos to French Guiana: The story of the Hmong people | France 24 English | November 6, 2020

NOT For Newbies!! The Asian Food You've NEVER SEEN Before!! | Best Ever Food Review Show | October 17, 2021 

What Does a Half of a Pig Look Like? Buying BULK pork | May 2, 2024


:From This Channel:
Safety & Sanitation in the Kitchen 
Bacteria! Safety & Sanitation in the Kitchen
Cooking Methods: Dry Methods of Cooking
Cooking Methods: Moist Heat
Brining a Ham 
Smoking a Ham
What Does a QUARTER of a BEEF Look Like? Buying BULK Beef  

Why are pork prices increasing? | Dollars & Sense | ABC 10 

Religious restrictions on the consumption of pork | Wikipedia  

Pork Cooking Techniques | Pork.Org 

Weekly Pork Price Summary | Pork Check Off 

National Monthly Pasture Raised Report, for Mon, Apr 29, 2024 | USDA 

Sector at a Glance: Pork & Hogs | USDA 

The Top Pork Producer in the U.S. Is Owned by China, but Harming Local Communities | Sentient Media  

The Pork Industry U.S. Pork Industry Data | National Pork Producers Council 

Environmental Impacts of Pig and Poultry Production: Insights From a Systematic Review | Frontiers in Veterinary Science 

The Food Print of Pork | Food Print 

USA 2023 World Mega Producers and 2023 USA Major Pork Producers | Swine Web 

California’s Prop 12 is now the law of the land | Food Safety News | Dan Flynn, January 2, 2024 

California Proposition 12, Farm Animal Confinement Initiative (2018) | Ballotpedia,_Farm_Animal_Confinement_Initiative_(2018) 

Pork is the Most Consumed Meat Worldwide |,33%25%20of%20the%20global%20share 

The Benefits and Challenges of Pasture-based Pork Production | Oregon State University Extension Office 

A Visual Guide to the Cuts of a Cow: Learn Where Every Beef Cut Comes From! | Bearded Butchers, YouTube   

🍫 Tony's Chocolonely & Why It's Better Than American Chocolate | February 9, 2024


Tony’s Chocolonely

Living Income Reference Point |

Slave Free Chocolate

The Qualities of Good and Great Chocolate | Olive Nation

A Third of Chocolate Products Are High in Heavy Metals, CR's Tests Find | Kevin Loria | October 25, 2023

Lead and Cadmium Could Be in Your Dark Chocolate | Kevin Loria | Published December 15, 2022 | Updated October 25, 2023

Why Does American Chocolate Taste Bad | Whitakers, April 24, 2023

Climate & Chocolate | February 10, 2016 | NOAA

Bittersweet: Chocolates’s Impact on the Environment Spring 2017 World Wildlife Federation

Will Chocolate Survive Climate Change? Actually, Maybe, Sierra Garcia, August 31, 2021 | JSTOR Daily

Status, supply chain and processing of cocoa - A review | Mohd Shavez Beg a, Sameer Ahmad b, Kulsum Jan c, Khalid Bashir d | Trends in Food Science & Technology Vol 66 Aug 2017 p108-116

🐈 Why You Should Watch Your Cat Pee - Feline Idiopathic Cystitis [Urinary Issues] | January 20, 2024


Idiopathic Cystitis in Cats - Veterinary Partner - Wendy Brooks, DVM, DABVP

John Hopsins Medicine - Interstitial Cystitis

Indoor Pet Initiative - Cats | Ohio State University

The Inner Life of Cats - Scientific America October 1, 2008

Feline Enrichment Resources - AAFP 

Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery (2013) 15, 219–230 - Special Article - AAFP and ISFM Feline Environmental Needs Guidelines


Gabapentin for Cats: Usage, Safety, Dosage and Side Effects DR. CHRIS VANDERHOOF, DVM, MPH | Feb 2, 2023

Onsior for Cats: Overview, Dosage & Side Effects DR. CHRIS VANDERHOOF, DVM, MPH | Apr 14, 2023

Prazosin for Cats: Dosage, Safety & Side Effects DR. CHRIS VANDERHOOF, DVM, MPH | Feb 7, 2021 

Cerenia for Cats: How It Works, Side Effects, and More DR. PETE WEDDERBURN, DVM | Jun 14, 2022

Amitriptyline for Cats: Dosage, Safety & Side Effects, DR. CHRIS VANDERHOOF, DVM, MPH April 2023




What Does a QUARTER of a BEEF Look Like? Buying BULK Beef | DecEmber 28, 2023


How many cattle in a ground-beef patty? | Farm Progress 

A Visual Guide to the Cuts of a Cow: Learn Where Every Beef Cut Comes From! | Bearded Butchers, YouTube


Feedstuffs for Beef Cattle | MSU Extension

Preparing your cattle for severe winter weather | UofM Extension 

Beef cow with atypical bovine spongiform encephalopathy found in South Carolina | American Veterinary Medical Association

What you need to know about Asian longhorned ticks – A new tick in the United States | CDC 

Asian longhorned tick invasion threatens livestock in Ohio | Earth

Beef prices are at record highs — how much pricier will your steak get? | CNBC 

Grass-Fed vs. Grain-Fed Beef — What’s the Difference? | Healthline

A new flu is spilling over from cows to people in the U.S. How worried should we be? | NPR 

What Is The Difference Between Grass-Fed And Grass-Finished Beef? | Verde Farms

National Monthly Grass Fed Beef Report | USDA


🗸 Food Recalls | Food Safety News

🗸 Recalls & Outbreaks | 

🗸 Recalls, Market Withdrawals & Safety Alerts | FDA

🗸 Recalls & Public Health Alerts | USDA