About Frankie

This is a work in progress page because what is there to say. 

Much of my early years are well recorded on my archived blog.
(*trigger warning: content there contains detailed information about mental illness and abuse. Please read with caution if you do)

My more put-together information is as follows:

After years of a post-high school nomadic sporadic life working low wage "icky" jobs (stocking shelves in a porn store, selling Kirby vacuums door to door, that kind of stuff) I turned to higher education. I studied fine art in the early 2000s before moving to Canada, where I spent over a year studying nutrition at a university there before moving on to culinary arts. I graduated with honors from an accredited culinary arts program in the late 2000s, started a catering company and then closed that catering company to work with low income and homeless populations, before returning to the states. After a year or so back in the United States I returned to university to pick up where I left off, this time with a focus on communications instead of fine art. My communications studies, while broad, focused on social media and written communication. I graduated with honors on the deans list with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications in the late 2010s.

I had taken building construction in high school and worked for my father's construction company until I was old enough to work. I spent two years working at a building center, in the lumber department and then as a cashier. So I have some limited experience in that area. I recently decided to take up wood working again, so I'm brushing the dust from what skills I had.

I have a partial-certificate in Master Gardening from a local university, and grew up on a small sustainable family farm where we grew acres garden, canned and preserved our own food, and raised a variety of animals including goats, sheep, and horses. I was very active in 4-H mostly in the area of animal husbandry. These days I focus on growing some of my own fruits and vegetable, trying to get back into safe methods of food preservation, and raising cats I rescue.

I'm a prolific social media user and my brain is always on a tear.

I do not work in any of the fields I have education in. So that's fun.

Everything else you really need to know about me is already on the internet. All over. I created too much content over the last 10-15 years. And I continue to create.
What's a girl gonna do.

Did you read this? I bet you're one of the only ones. Congrats! Welcome to my website. Check me out everywhere else by clicking 'Connect' or heading back to my front page. If there's anything else you'd like to know about me feel free to ask, I'm generally pretty open.