A Disgrace to Democracy...A Rant

This country is going to hell on the shirttails of a platform of pseudo-democratic and pseudo-Christian "principles".

On a platform built by liars, horrible people, hateful people who want to destroy this country. Waving flags of the confederacy, spouting disinformation, entirely rejecting responsibility for their part of anything. Bigoted, racist...exploiting innocent people for some political gain that benefits them, not you, not us, and not those innocent people. Pulling wool over the eyes of sheep.

If you don't think so, you're not paying attention. You're probably not reading the news, you're not listening to them; you're probably just listening to sound-bites and staring at head-lines; you're probably not analyzing the words versus the actions of false-prophets who are dragging this country through the mud; you're probably a fucking idiot because if you listen to what they've been saying for months, for years, it's all contradictory, over and over, and you cannot deny they hate this country and its people. They love their country; and their country is not yours, because their country only exists in their selfish, hateful, bigoted minds, and their blackened crippled hearts.

This country is becoming a disgrace to democracy.