100# Weight Loss Story

My Weight Loss Story: Almost 100# in 9 Months.

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It started in January of 2004, prompted by seeing a picture taken only a couple weeks prior, while on vacation with a boyfriend in New Mexico. I looked at that picture and almost screamed, asking The Mother and The Boyfriend (at the time): “Why hasn’t anyone told me I’m fat?!” I was actually serious." I knew I had weight to lose but looked at the picture and couldn’t believe my eyes. I had always, even up to the last month before I went on the diet, been told I was big boned, had a pretty face, etc.

I had always been a large child, 5'10"- 5'11" by the time I was in the 6th grade, but in late high school – early adulthood I went through some personally trying times. I had gotten up to 275 pounds by the time I was 24 year old - a size 24 (that's plus size - roughly a 44 in regular sizes), pushing 26, with 53" hips. I had been smoking heavily for easily 5 to 6 years by this time and realized my life was probably at risk; in addition I hated myself and how I looked.

The Mother and The Boyfriend (at the time) decided they would do this with me, because what I planned to do was something the people closest to you have to understand, support and help you with. That night The Mother and I threw out all the carbohydrates in the house. Literally.

The diet I chose was, and still is, controversial but there are many variations on it. I chose the most difficult and restrictive diet I could (without risking severe calorie/energy loss) and stuck with it longer that suggested because it felt so good and right – I had so much energy I had no idea what to do with myself. Once I got a portion of it off (it took less than a week to lose 10 pounds) - I began working out like crazy, sometimes twice a day; I even took dance classes through University.

Losing the weight took a complete lifestyle change for me. I grew up in a family where food was paramount to any occasion and had never thought much about calories, portions or the FACT that different bodies respond differently to different types of weight loss strategies. I did it because I knew I had a problem, a problem with carbohydrates – not just the white ones, but all of them. My body just does not respond properly to carbohydrates (flour, wheat, rice, anything grain based). I think it is probably an issue that runs in my family but was facilitated by my lack of caring and knowledge.

By my birthday 25th birthday, 7 months later, I looked like, like a whole different person (while being half of who I physically was!). I have kept 80% of it off for 6 years now and I now know that I am in fact big boned – I can’t wear most women’s bracelets – can’t even get them over my hand! It takes hard work to keep it off; I am the meanest person to myself, a real bitch h when it comes to food. Like Monica on friends says “[…] And the fat girl inside of me really wants to go.[…] I never let her eat.” – while the context is a bit off the statement is spot on (I DO let myself eat – I went to two American buffet restaurant last weekend alone!). One has to be strict with themselves and educate themselves on food AND nutrition in order to keep weight gain in check. The biggest key, however, is moderation. MODERATION.

I have had a few things happen in the last 6 years that have been trying to my weight management. I was in a nearly fatal car accident in December of the end of same year I lost the weight, where I fractured and twisted a few vertebrae in my back, broke ribs and sustained mild head injuries. A diet not consistent with my normal one and sedation from injuries where a danger but it was not going to keep me away from being as healthy as I could, so, wearing my braces and all, I hopped on the treadmill provided at the retirement facility where I was temporarily residing (that’s another story). I cleared that hurdle and don’t think I gained more than a couple of pounds.

The second thing that put my weight management at risk was starting culinary school - the potential for weight gain was gigantic (particularly the Baking sections both years). It was a constant struggle and I did gain 20 + pounds in the two years it took to get the diploma. I have since taken 100% of that weight off.

My friends who know me well may agree that sometimes (yes, only sometimes) I am a nutrition/water Nazi (Water is the answer to a healthy life and key to losing weight - I push it on them when they drink, when they are ill, when they are hungry*). Some may not appreciate hearing about nutrition all the time. I know, to some people (particularly in my household) this comes off as nagging; but weight gain in this day and age is a slippery slope and the older you get the more slippery it gets . When I try to help people it is only because I care about them and want them to be healthy and live a long life.

The most important part? If I can do it, anybody can! People give me excuses all the time when I start talking to them about weight loss and the idea of taking drastic measures to loose weight without resorting to surgery. [Please note, I know there are people who have genetic disorders that make them susceptible to weight gain, but genetics is only half of the problem] It takes a complete lifestyle change, drive and hard work but it can be done – it can even be fun if you try!

I have to take a moment to thank one of the most important people behind my weight loss. Without the help of my mom I could never have done it. I want to thank my mom (something I realize I haven’t even done yet!), without whom I would not be on earth, but also, without her help, may not have been able to be the happy, healthy and ALIVE person I am today.

Thanks for reading. I hope I can inspire at least one person to change their life and become a healthy and fit person! Don’t just do it for yourself – do it for the people you love and who love you and care about you.

If you have any questions about my weigh loss journey or think this seems like an incomplete story, feel free to ask questions or seek clarification from me.